The story so far


It’s time for the first english summary.

So far we’ve mostly been trying to get to know Blender and all it’s quirks. It has actually not been as hard as I had imagined and feared – tho needless to say I have doubled my cigarette breaks every other day. And there has been some total meltdowns, as usual, but not as serious as we’ve experienced in the past, haha (my first try at rigging comes to mind [edit: I still actually really really hate that part and would be glad if in the future some underpaid asian guy would do all the rigging for me. I would provide food and shelter, of course.])

We’ve been doing a lot of tutorials, reading many online-guides (one in particular has been very very helpful in switching from 3DsMax to Blender: wikibooks: Noob to Pro) and constantly flipping the pages of this (at times) amazingly useful book (a real book, made of paper!) by Tony Mullen called Introducing Character Animation with Blender.

The other guys have some finished tests to show. I have mostly been doing this, that and more this and that, and never actually finishing things – instead I’ve been quitting whenever I felt I had grasped the necessary information from each subject. (Does that sentence make sense?).

So. Things to come:

We are now approaching the comfortable place where we’re a little familiar with Blender and should turn our eyes toward the ultimate goal which is the short animation. Since it is friday, we thought the best plan would be go out/away/anywhere but school and start brainstorming. Even the stupidest ideas are welcome at this point. The more retarded (whops! a non-PC term!) the better, actually. Expect atleast a vague idea for our project in the near future. That, or some drunken and bitter posts about how things are going to hell.

Hope your weekend will be as good as we’re hoping ours to be.



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2 responses to “The story so far

  1. When I started modelling, I used Blender too, because it’s easy to learn, and of course open source. After that I went on to work with Rhino, Maya and now 3dsMax …

  2. So far I have really positive feeling about Blender, even tho I’d gotten used to working with 3DsMax. Time will tell if this feeling will last 😛


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