What do you get when you combine Romero’s zombiefilms and Lemmings?

Hello world, and a very good monday to you all. Despite the lurking hangover and basic tiredness, it is a good day indeed.

So we went to a park on friday with a video camera, a notepad (a real one, made of paper!!!), a pen and ehm… few drinkable items. It didn’t take too long till we all agreed to pursue this wicked idea that came from somewhere (probly hidden in the darkest corner of my psyche).

So, about this post’s title. There is no answer to the question yet, but that’s what we’re about to find out with this little animation of ours. So yeah, we’re doing an animation involving bloodthirsty Lemmings. Woohoo!

Everybody knows Lemmings, right? Right? Come on! They are these fellows:

Lemmings screenshot

So, with this in our heads we are now proceeding to the demanding task of playing the game for the rest of the day. Research, you know.



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