Getting there


So far we’ve progressed quite a bit after the idea for the animation was set in stone. Peter just did a quick test of how we’re doing the lemmings, and it is starting to look promising (one of the earlier renders is down a couple posts). He didn’t have the time to finish the rigging today tho, so we’ll (he’ll) get back to it on monday (he already left for the midsummer’s day with our blessing). Jere is now working on our main character’s face based on a quick sketch he did earlier and it is coming up quite fine. So fine that we might actually use it as such. We’ll see how it’ll fit with the overall look of the animation. I have my hopes up.

I haven’t been lazy either (atleast not all the time…). I just finished the script, trying to tie in most of the stuff we’ve discussed and coming up with some cool new ideas too. Not really a professional screenwriter I kinda wrote it differently than most scripts, but atleast now we have all the necessary stuff we need to start working on scenes and planning the action. We’re thinking of shooting a quick liveaction version of the whole thing tomorrow – just to see how long it actually takes and if it’s a too demanding task. The script is almost three pages long, with quite a lot of different shit happening, but we’re positive (for now) that we will be able to do it all, and do it well.

Check back in two months to see videos of us crying and beating each other up.



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