It is almost midsummer’s day and we’re still at school!

Ok. This me getting anxious. I heard it is now starting to get really sunny at our summer cottage and I’m still rotting away in here. Haha, well, I’ll get there in few hours anyway. BUT I had some reason for this post, too. We just shot a very quick and very stupid liveaction demoversion of our plans for the animation. Mainly just to see how long it will approx. be, and if we’ve gotten ourselves into something that will be stupidly hard and tasking to do. Answers are: very long and yes we have. We’re gonna do it anyway.

So, before we skip out and join the traditional celebration of midsummer’s day (I won’t even go into all the clichés about drunken finns [they’re true, tho]), we thought that we should leave you with atleast something to keep you entertained till monday. Yes it’s gonna be a long weekend for us. I don’t even want to think about computers and microwave lunches for the next three days. Where was I? Oh yeah, the video. Yes, obviously the tiniest bit that was left of our crumbling egos and selfesteem is now totally gone – otherwise we wouldn’t show it. Or is it because we’re attention seeking a-holes like one whining garbage sack formely known as the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne?

Oh well. Here you go:

Hope you think your weekend will be as good as I know mine to be



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