I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday, I’m intoxicated

Well not really, but kinda.

Today we’ve thrown tandrums, gotten desperate and angry, but every now and then been filled with enormous and unwordly joy and love for the whole universe, only to come crashing down again, the bitter wind blowing in our ears and roughly petting our short hairdos. It is undoubtly friday and I personally am glad to take a little break again, even if I called in sick the other day.

I got to personally meet our wonderful friend UV-unwrapper, which mostly works like a charm, but if given to a proper jack-ass like myself, can cause some mental problems. After quite alot of figuring out and throwing things inbetween the thinkings, I got it. I don’t even know why it was so god-damn hard, cause it really shouldn’t be – and isn’t. Yay me!

So: Peter finished the ultimate deathmachine known to common man as the Lemming. Jere more or less finished our main guys mesh (like you can see below in finnish), and is now dreading the end of this weekend. Come monday, come rigging. And god knows we hate that sh*t.

Between the deathwishes and unwrapping I managed to add some little details to our living room – the most important of them all shown in the picture below and it even fits the mood of this day. Yes, I love whisky and once I’m done here I’m gonna head home as fast as some really fast thing and get down with it.


Yeah, I realise the bottle at this moment looks empty even tho it’s unopened, but never mind that. I deserve to be forgiven for that, for now. Oh, and you know what? I kinda cheated on the glass material. I know crap about stuff, so I surfed here and got proper values. After which I tried some variations of course, but atleast you can get good starting points for some materials there. And here is a rather nice free program to tweak wood textures for your own pleasure and use with. Did a quick test floorpanels with it and for now it seems recommendable.

Have a good one, we’ll be back on monday again!



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