Shits and fans and they way the first reacts to the latter

So I made a clumsy walk cycle with our Lemming. Clumsy, cause I only needed it to test a rather new feature in Blender, where you can loop a two-step walk cycle (the kind where the character actually takes a step forward, not the conveyor belt thingie) and make someone walk around. And clumsy, ’cause Peter has to do some modifications to the rig – we haven’t done custom rigs before, so we’re learning about what we need and how they should be done as we go. Well I’m not, cause I’m concentrating on other things while the guys are losing their heads, haha. I’m just yelling what I need in a rig and they keep fixing them.

So, once you’ve gotten the character to take those two steps – ending in the same position as the first frame, not the same location tho, obviously – you can then convert this movement in to an action in Blenders nla-editor and make it loop. If you want to define a path for the dude/dudette to follow, just name an offset bone and a path and the bone this path will affect and off you go! Sounds easy? Hell yeah. Guess if it was or not?

The thing is, the armature I was animating, had for some reasons only clear to the gods above flipped the local axis, so up was left, down was behind, white was red and I got paid well for this work. I then had to shout at Peter to clear the rotation in the object mode and then edit-rotate the bones back in to place.

That cleared some issues. But my feet weren’t actually following the body. Oh, when I talk about me, I mean the lemming. I get confused sometimes. This morning I half woke up really tired and thought to myself that the tiredness was just because the new armature I had put in me needed some rest before the bones started to work again. That is me. I’m spending the summer in front of the computer out of money and out of my mind. Come autumn and I might fall in to vertexes.

So. I made a copy of the path for the feet to follow, and had to then assing the same stuff on both the bones that were controlling the rotation of the feet and the IK-bones. It looks way better now, but I’m sure there are still mountains too deep and valleys too high ahead.

Some sources I used while wrestling with stuff and shit:

Blender 2.43 release log with blend files
A thread @ Forum. A bunch of helpful and nice people there. I found many many threads about this walk cycle thing there.
And one more from the same forum

These should help people fighting the same fight as I did.



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