RE! ta dadada ta dadada SPECT! ta dadada ta dadada WALK! ta dadada ta dadada

So I finally got it to work almost perfectly. There would still be some fine tuning to do for the curves guiding the feet, but I can’t be bothered now since this was only a test.

Yeah, so what made the difference this time around? A well-made-tuned-to-the-max armature, thanks to Pete. This final version of our stooshywhoosy yummybummy killer bastard from outer space now has leg controllers and stuff (we’ll post the blend file later, probly), so I only had to assign the second curve (almost identical to the first one, except a bit lower on z-axis) on one bone in each foot. Tada! Now it can do stuff like turning around corners, huaa!

The video is a bit dark for some strange reasons (looked fine earlier), but you get the idea anyway. You didn’t? The idea is that the walk now looks bloody great (the walk cycle ain’t perfect but I’m just happy I got it working)!!! Oh, and the hiccup at the end isn’t anything else than me screwing up. Nothing to do with the perfectness of my walk cycle skills.

Happy weekend and all that!



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