Environment walkabout test

A short rendering test to see how our lights and textures work in motion. A lot (most?) things are still subject to change, but it should give you some kind of idea what the final thing might look like. 🙂 Realistic lighting (render times permitting) and liberal use of photographed or scanned in texture maps, a bit like the lemming animation test from a few weeks back.

The whole thing is rendered with Blender’s own renderer and ambient occlusion turned on. AO adds a grainy effect (actually caused by a too-low sample rate) that we thought looked quite cool and like something we might try to exploit, and perhaps the main reason for this test was to see how it looked in motion. We were afraid it might look really noisy when animated, but turns out it won’t be a problem at all. All of this is quite hard to see in the YouTube version, but we’re trying to snag us some proper webspace where we can keep higher-rez stuff. 🙂

Back to Blender Internal for the renderer for now. The speed advantage Yafray had seemed to diminish a lot once the scene got more complex and we have no need for Yafray-specific features (well except maybe DoF, but I suppose we’ll try to fake that using nodes), so the one with the least amount of buttons took the lead for now. 😀

– Peter


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3 responses to “Environment walkabout test

  1. Actually there’s DoF for Blender’s internal renderer. Check out following links for more information: http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-243/composite-defocus/ and http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Compositing_Nodes_Filters#Defocus

    Note that you can keyframe DoFDist of the camera. Also you can composite DoF to renders made with other renderers in case you can render Z pass in Blender’s internal renderer so that it matches the one rendered in external one.

  2. Ah, cool! Thanks for the info. This will help a lot 🙂

  3. Yeah, we’ll definitely check those out.


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