So the animation began

If things were progressing quite slowly before, they are now even more so since we started to animate the guy. As some of you might now, this part will take loads of time. We’ll keep you posted once we get something done, but at the moment I’m battling with the 3d-view trying to get the animation running almost real-time, cause it’d be nice to be able to see the correct timing for gestures and all that.



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3 responses to “So the animation began

  1. with subsurf level 0, it’s still too slow to playback in 3dview?

    you could animate with very lowpoly version of the character (with same rig) and then when you are done, replace it with final model.


  2. oh, just to make sure, you do know about the opengl preview rendering in blender?


  3. yeah, we turned off the subsurf in 3d-view and it was still a bit slow on my computer (Jere didn’t have any problems). But then I turned on the sync-option from the playback options and now it’s quite fine.

    By opengl do you mean that ”render this window, hold ctrl for animation” -thingie? If so, then yeah I just found out how useful it actually is (doesn’t work with jpegs, tho).


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