The f-word. As in Friday, woo! Friday!

My posse is in a need for relaxing drink. Or a brainless party till dawn. We’ve fought and fought and tried to get things perfect and lost our minds a couple of times during this week, but results are quite promising.

We once again had to make cuts to our plans (the previous being the extermination of a second character). We haven’t done a project of this size before, so we really hadn’t any idea what would be realistic to achieve and what not. Live and learn, eh?

The problem is that we already had quite a fine story-arch laid out (as fine as you can expect from an animation with lemmings gone berserk) but from what we’ve seen and learned this week, we are not going to get that far in just over a month. Two guys just isn’t quite enough for the kind of animation we had in mind, since we wanna maintain some level of quality in what we do. So: we decided to cut the thing in half. We figured out a pretty good way to end the story, but it still feels bit of a cop-out. But hey, you never know if me and Jere suddenly get some divine animation powers from the 3d-gods above and start producing minutes of top-notch animation per every week.

We’re still hoping to finish the thing the real way someday, but most probably not during our internship.

But on the lighter note, I managed to refine the animation I did yesterday, and it’s now looking way better. Still some things to fix (yeah I realise he’s passing thru the door a little) and the ending won’t stay like that, but still it’s enough to make me happy and end the week on a positive note.



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2 responses to “The f-word. As in Friday, woo! Friday!

  1. looking nice.. are you going to keep the camera like that, parented straight to armature? it might look better if camera is just animated following the character..


  2. Well I originally wanted to have this effect of a film camera rigged to actor’s body (as in movies like Requiem For a Dream, and countless music videos), but I ain’t too sure about it. I might use something in between. Parenting empty to the bone and constraining camera to it (like I did already) but also animate the empty to bounce a bit more.

    The thing is, I didn’t animate the guys legs at all, so in any case the camera can’t show too much information below his waist 😀



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