back in business!

After a pretty rough weekend for all of us, we returned only to laugh our asses off to the hilarious music videos Jussi dug up somewhere (I’ll add the links to the end, cause they’re truly something). On monday we didn’t actually do so much anything else. I made an umbrella for the ending, Jussi fought with the living room and Peter cracked his head with rendering problems. But today has been another story! Jussi has made some huge progress with the infamous living room scene and lemmings are receiving serious violence, which is always fine. Peter modeled our outside-scenery so we’re pretty much ready for the final scene (he also struggled with lights on the first scene). I managed to get a grip of myself too, and produced some new animation for the bathroom scene hurray! I will show some videos below, although they are not the ones I made today (god help me if i could produce some 10secs of animation per day). So, here goes:

[edit: jussi]

I’ll just add my preview rendering here too. Them lemmings are getting some serious beating, like Jere promised. There’s bound to be more violence tho, so stay tuned! There’s some little things I gotta fix in this clip also, but nothing too major. I’m once again getting my hopes up of us finishing this thingie in time. Now that would be something, woo woo!

[/edit: jussi]


yep, and now you’re probably eagerly waiting for them fine music videos! And remember, I only showed you the door (or technically, Jussi did).

Speak – sometimes
RehDogg – Why must i cry?



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