ok. The last few days have indeed been something. We’re broke and beaten, but at the same time hilarious as some really hilarious but crooked thing. The project is starting to take form, but will clearly never be complete on friday, our self-made deadline. So’s, we will come back next week, after a little pause. Jussi is using some of his well-earned free days to drink whisky with his alien friends, while me and Peter will stay for next two days of this week to do stuff, and then head for few days of cooling off. BUT, butbutbut, we have some great news! We found ourselves an audio-person! Teemu Huhtiniemi from the same school kindly offered his help and hardware, and we were more than glad to accept. Now we can lay that burden off our hearts, trusting it to Teemu. So, cheers man!

Otherwise today was stressful but rewarding day. We gathered our scenes, fixed some cameras and lights and started to render things for the final version. There are still some problems though, which make up a nice surprise after 2-3 days of rendering. Blah, i don’t even know what to tell. The guys head shines like a motherfucker with a plastic wrap, nails jump all around the room when the timeline is being panned and stuff just seems to disappear. BUT, Jussi finished stuff and could start with the lemmings for the earlier scenes, Peter fixed some problems and we received Teemus offer and i also got something done, so maybe we’re not completely lost, although as i look what i write, it seems like a madman’s diary. Oh well.
Below are some test renders from final scenes without materials and missing walls and stuff.




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