We’re back!

Just a quick word from my tired but happy fingers. (wow, that didn’t sound dirty at all!).

After spending a week with a few unfairly rare sights (alien friends, that is [thanks for the whisky, btw!]) and staying up late – or actually early – every night and that I stumbled back to the office just to find two human looking empty caskets in a verge of bursting into tears. Few bitch slaps later and we we’re back in the game. We realised that there is inhumanly slight change of us actually having to spend only three extra days with our project (that is: animation and that – not counting editing or anything else at this point). So there is a change afterall!!!

I fine tuned some scenes of mine one after another and saw that I don’t have that much to do anymore. Sure things might turn to crap and so on, but atleast I have my hopes up now. I’m sure this will be something we can be proud of, especially when you think we’ve only studied this stuff for a year and hadn’t even opened Blender before the summer. And there have been some wild nights out in the middle of the week, which usually doesn’t really help if you gotta do some challenging scenes and poses.

So. More tomorrow. Now I gotta finally catch some sleep or else I, or this project, will turn to this:

shit man

Collection of horrible, horrible 3D

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the shit man bite!



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