Oh it’s such a perfect day. I’m glad I blendered with you.

So, since it’s ”THE FINAL DAY” I thought I should just go ahead and write this one in english too.

The thing is, like hell it is the last day. We are almost there animation-wise, yes. But other duties are waiting, so we can kiss our five-day-summer-vacation goodbye and focus on things that matter. Like work and more work instead of some crazy and gay ideas only us born in the 80’s could come up with such as kicking back, enjoying the nothingness, get wasted and maybe play some console games (I’ve still only clocked 36 hours on Oblivion…).

But the GOOD NEWS EVERYONE, is that we should have most of the scenes rendered next week so that we could do a quick cut of the animation and pass it to Teemu for the sounds.

I’m dreaming of a day without obligations, a world without deadlines, computers that won’t crash, smooth animation for everyone, and a bloody week off for us who have worked like maniacs. But I’m still loving this, so go figure.

Expect to be youtubed in the near future for some low-quality clips of scenes finally coming together!



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