I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it (luckily I have baggy pants, tho)


Damn! We’re so close to the finish line I can smell the paramedics waiting for the exhausted runners. And boy – even if the taste of my stomache acid fills my mouth and everything is turning white – it feels goooooooooood!

I think I’m 99% sure I just finished editing the animation (some of it is still half-finished renderings) and while there is room for improvement I’m so damn proud of what we’ve achieved during these ever-streching 10 weeks.

It doesn’t look like Pixar, the animation isn’t as smooth as something even smoother than a baby’s butt, BUT it was done by three doofuses in mere ten weeks or so (learning to use Blender included) and atleast we had a blast doing it (if this blast includes occasional breakdowns, always failing I-will-quit-smokings, near fist fight experiences, yelling, screaming and attempts of killing the pain with excessive drinking). Story and attitude-wise I see this project more like a continuation of those Tarantino and John Woo inspired action videos we did in high school with a bunch of mates.

So what happens now?

I’m done editing (There! I said it! WOOOO!), so now I’ll convert the whole thing into a low-resolution movie and pass it to Teemu so he can start working on the sounds. In the meantime we’ll still re-render a few things and replace the old files once they’re done. And then *druuuuuuum roooooooll!* *ba-tshing!* we should have one five-and-a-half-minute (not including the credits) DIY short-animation in our hands!

Check back soon!

Oh, Jere (he left to Scotland for a year): cheers mate!



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2 responses to “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it (luckily I have baggy pants, tho)

  1. Jere

    Shit, I must say, FIVE-AND-A-HALF!
    Never would have guessed! I just can’t wait to see the final piece with sound. Too bad I wear less baggy pants – in a public library.

  2. smh


    Congrats on bending Blender!


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