The sound of violence

We keep progressing, za-dam!!

Teemu just sent us the very first draft for sounds, and while we (he) have still quite a long way to go, we are definately getting there.

So. To celebrate this rare feeling of uncontrollable love for the universe and flowers in my heart plus the fact that it is once again friday I decided to post a clip of scene familiar to anyone following this blog, but this time edited together with final renderings and those foley drafts.

You’re welcome.



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6 responses to “The sound of violence

  1. S-T-S

    Congrats for pulling that off!

    That clip is already looking & sounding very good. Are you going to put some ”epic” soundtrack in there too (or maybe some ambient noises, like cars driving outside etc [although if the apartment is so high… 😉 ])?

  2. Jere

    hell. every time i check back, there’s some great news waiting for me! I’m REALLY looking forward to hear the complete soundscape!


  3. S-T-S: We’re trying to find a balance between all these things (music, ambience, the sound of traffic…). You should be able to judge for yourself how we did Real Soon Now. 🙂

  4. Herra S.

    Loistavaa poijaat!


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