Checkpoint barely reached


so Teemu had maybe one weekend plus two or so days to fix and add things me and Pete asked based on the first sound-draft. And by the lords above he did so!

We got our thing barely together in time, but together enough so we could participate in Suzanne Awards (Blender-thingie) with our head held high. It still lacks a few foley sounds and some kind of music (there are too many long almost-silent scenes now), but already the sounds have added a lot to our piece. If we don’t come up with any better ideas for the music I just might head to my bands practise place and try to conjure something up.

Oh, and if you’re wondering: yeah we sent our animation to the awards but it was via private message. We don’t want most of the people to get spoiled with half-finished thing so we will publish it here once it’s done for good.

That’s all for now. Keep checking the blog every now and then – we will try to keep posting something semi-worthwile even tho we’re almost done with the project.



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