Let me entertain you

All right.

Now, since we don’t want to upload every single scene in youtube before the whole thing is finished (there are some things I can’t wait to show you, tho) but we do wanna give you guys something every now and then to keep you entertained and in the loop – so to say – I decided today to give you a peek behind one quite a long scene you might have seen before. Wow that was a long sentence.

Everybody I know hates animating long walks (even people who are not into animation have that disgust hidden somewhere deep. I know. I am a Psychonaut). And since I’m not everybody, I tend to take things even more seriously so I really really loath doing those and would give one kidney to a poor Malesian dude for getting long walk-animations and all the rigging jobs I need for the rest of my life from him. That is a reason I really wanted to cheat in doing this walk-to-the-fridge scene that was quite important in building the suspense before things kick in to high gear. (I’m not really that passionately against animating walking, but rigging I f*cking hate. Quite coincidentally I ended up doing zilch rigging-wise. [cue sarcastic laugher])

I think I did a pretty good job – especially if you think about what you see in the finished scene compared to what you can now see in this behind-the-scenes-kinda clip, thanks to me.

So here we go.

The final scene (which actually goes on a bit too long):

And the retarded version:

How’s that for breaking illusions?



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2 responses to “Let me entertain you

  1. smh

    Cool, like the lights =) and the fact that the dude is drinking from a bag-in-a-box. Good LUUUUUUUUCK!

  2. Zee

    I wouldn’t have seen this vid if not from this blog. Nice!


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