Things to Do in Blender When You’re Dead… Tired.

Going back to one of the first big scenes you spent huge amount of time to get some little movements just right and then moving the camera according to new plans so that those little things get totally cut out is… well, a bit hard to swallow even if it was you who eventually thought it’d be better that way.

We’re now trying to find the best path on setting the tone for the first third of the animation – the scene where our antagonists make their first appearence by falling through the ceiling. On the other hand there are those little things I mentioned that would be fun to have in the frame (nothing major but I polished them like some weird workaholic polisher would polish anykind of polishable thing) and – even if I say so myself – those Lemmings marching in the background are funny to watch.

On the other hand (thanks to our mysterious Mister S – the sensei) it might be better in a dramatic sense not to reveal them too soon. There is a little clue in the soundtrack what the blurry things in the background are, but even so it’s not too much information and still you don’t really get to see them properly until just before the fight sequence.

Now that I really think of it, this just might be the direction we need to take. Oh well, it’s only a matter of moving the camera around. Atleast we don’t need to re-edit the sounds Teemu has so far made, since the lenght of the cut will be identical.

Here’s a quick screenshot I did for test purposes – there will be more tweaking and all. Notice the fuzzy little things in the right corner and how the fingers, both arms and the console controller are not visible at all. And now try to guess if those were among the things I paid attention to when animating.



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