Sound of ”Music”

So I got something done.

Blame the beers I had that day if you want to, but what was caught in the tape last saturday differs quite a lot from the plans I had for the soundtrack. Better or worse – I can’t really tell yet. I gotta do some minor dubs, mix it, see it with a big picture in perfect sync (I had to use our camcorder’s tiny tiny screen for preview purposes) but most importantly I gotta listen to it sober. I’m a bit doubtful about the chaos drums I came up with for the fightscene, but atleast it is quite intense in a weird way. Mind you, I mainly used Korg’s drum machine for the whole soundtrack, hehe.

All in all I left the recording room quite pleased with myself, and if things progress as planned, I might have some soundbites for your ears tomorrow or the day after.

Keep checking the blog for updates on the issue.



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