I couldn’t come up with a proper title that would’ve summarized all the happy thoughts I’m having

Two days it took, but I managed to beat the deadline I set for myself.

The music is now done. It is mostly really simple, but suits the animation, fits very well with the already edited video and heightens it’s rhytm and mood. Yeah I know, sounds a bit pompous but I can’t help feeling marginally proud of myself every now and then. Plus: now that the music is done we are so much closer of having the thing finally done for good.

This is where the magic happened (the thing in the lower right corner was my dinner…) :

 recording the music

Things still to do:

– Teemu will still work on the sounds (not too much, but some little things and that) and mix the music to fit the whole soundscape.

– Me and Pete are in the middle of re-rendering some changes (most importantly one new camera angle). They should be done in a couple of days. Then it’s just a matter of throwing them into the edit.

– And then all we need is finalised end-credits and we’re ready to hit that sweet EXPORT button in Final Cut.

This is me being very very happy!

Oh, right! You probably wanted a peek of the nearly finished product? The music might be a little on the low side here, but you get the idea anyway. It is the same old fight scene – I don’t wanna spoil more scenes so that you guys have atleast some new stuff to see when the whole thing is done…



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One response to “I couldn’t come up with a proper title that would’ve summarized all the happy thoughts I’m having

  1. S-T-S

    Ah.. I just checked this blog as it has been a while since last time. Good to see things coming to an end. I know the feeling of slight euphoria when finishing a long project. Enjoy it while it lasts 😉


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