This just in!

Well actually I think it was announced like a week ago, but we had no idea (we’re a bit slow on following the news).

Our half-finished version of Night of the Living Dead Pixels is nominated to compete with four other shorts in Best Short Film category at Blender Conference Suzanne Awards!

All the nominees will be made available for download during the conference, in a couple of days that is, on the official page, and the winners will be announced on Saturday October 13th (pretty soon, eh). Mind you, I’ve seen a couple of the other nominees and they’re really good.

Too bad we had to send the version without music and one new camera-angle. Still, this is a good opportunity to get more viewers for the thing and atleast we included our address in the end credits so people have a change to see the final version too.

I’m hyped!



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2 responses to “This just in!

  1. Ingelin

    I have only one thing to say – CONGRATULATION!!!

  2. Jere

    Jätkät, tämä lähtee käsistä pikkuhiljaa, mutta ai kun maistuu hyvältä kyllä!


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