NotLDP has hit the web!

We are very concerned about keeping our promises, which is why we are sitting at school 5:30 pm on a friday night, compressing our asses off so that you guys could have something new and fun to watch this weekend. Who needs food and rest when you can get the eternal gratitude of that one lonely nerd camping in front of his (or hers, I’ve seen that happen) computer hitting refresh constantly in the hope of getting to be that first ever person to see this (yes, I am quite self-confident. Why do you ask?).

So: grumble before me in excitement and witness the miracle that is


For your viewing pleasures we’ve compressed three different-sized movies out of which the smallest is merely the necessary evil and should be avoided by all cost (yes, I’m talking about our friend YewwTube).

Here we go!

1024×576 (compressed with h264):
The biggest, the best (tho it might show some jittering on slower computers)

720×405 (h264):
The not-so-large-but-still-quite-a-chunk-and-still-really-watchable version

320×160 (pitiful):

Please! If you have any sense at all, you should wait that extra two minutes and download one of the proper videofiles and not touch that Tuubythingie. Otherwise I just might have to go agrolemming on your ankle!

Oh, and one more thing:

Our Website of No Real Content (except for those vids) is up and running too!

Whew! That’s probly about it for now. I think I’ve deserved a beer or two!



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7 responses to “NotLDP has hit the web!

  1. Jere

    More like a bottle of fine 15-year-old single malt.


  2. Auria

    I really like it! Good job!

    (thanks for youtube version… unfortunately ’you should wait that extra two minutes and download one of the proper videofiles’ does not hold true for me as not everyone can afford high-speed internet)

  3. Auria: yeah, I guess the youtube serves it’s purpose every now and then. I, who don’t even own a computer, sometimes forget that not everyone has the connections like we have at school 😛

    Thanks for the nice comments too!


  4. aapee

    Jes jes, veri greit muuvi gais! Juu sud bii praud of joo selvs, jes!

  5. eltempe

    Jesh! Nyt näin ensimmäistä kertaa koko klipin ilman nykimistä ja ohjelmistojen kaatuilua 🙂 Todella hienoa jälkeä, poijaat! Ja vielä kerran onnittelut apinapatsaasta! Miten muuten meni Animatricksin show?

  6. Oho, olipa mennyt sun kommentti ihan ohi silmien.

    Animatricks meni ihan ok. Oli siellä jopa porukkaakin paikalla. Ensi vuonna koitetaan vielä tunkea tätä johonkin kilpailusarjaan, kun tämä nyt oli tänä vuonna sellaista virallisen ohjelman ulkopuolista tauhkaa.


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