Huh, what?

Three guys spending the summer in our school’s 3D-room trying to learn the open-source program called Blender from scratch and doing a short animation with it – still secretly hoping to have the time to enjoy the joys of summer too.

This isn’t our idea. It is a good project – interesting and fun in a geekish way – but never would I have thought of doing this for the whole summer instead of working at some lousy job – the kind that includes conveyer belts, 20 min lunch breaks and co-workers dreaming about a weekend trip to Stockholm, you know. Our teacher put us up to this, his dream-project, I reckon.

This kind of internship hasn’t really been done before atleast in this school (Laurea Polytechnic in Tikkurila, Finland). We’re left to ourselves, with pretty much nothing except a deadline for our animation at the end of August. Our teacher, the mentor, mostly gets the latest news of our progress the same way the rest of the people stumbling on these pages: blog updates (mostly in finnish), video-tutorials and some random ramblings.

Coming up in the upcoming months: weekly or bi-weekly updates in english, videos, character rigging, frustration, joy, male bonding and a school lockdown with us having the only access, woohoo!



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