The Last Week

No kidding.

This is THE week we have to get the thing done.

First of all, it is good to have a deadline of a deadline since we could polish this thing to no end and wake up four years from now with a full-length hd-movie and full action-figures-with-your-burger campaign in our hands and we still wouldn’t be fully satisfied with the result. ”If we could re-render that one frame where that shadow passes over that blurry thing there way in the background…” you know…

The second thing for this week to be the last we’ll work on the animation is that we’re showing the finished (fingers and toes crossed on that) version at Animatricks festival in Helsinki this saturday. More info to follow on that subject.

Things are looking quite promising, tho. We have just rendered all the little fixes we had to do and tomorrow one brand new extra camera-angle will be finished and thrown into the mix. Teemu is almost finished with wrestling with his opponent, the sound, too. Poor guy had to put up with my never ending notes for numerous minor changes till the last minute but I promise I didn’t go too kubrick on his ass.

Peter had a boring weekend judging from the fact that he came up with a layout for our website ( – try to type that fast three times when drunk. nightodtheliciingdeadpixes… see?), which will open up around the same time we’ll premier the animation. So, later this week or early next week. Or if you’re lucky, Peter gets bored again and does it all on sunday.

Have a good one!



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2 responses to “The Last Week

  1. 16-17 dubrovnikissa teidän esitys?
    mä tulen tsekkaamaan.


  2. Joo, 16-17 nyt lauantaina ja pitäisi vieläpä olla ilmainen sisäänpääsy. Tervetuloa!


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