Just as I suspected…

…we’ll have to rerender the first sequence. All due to mistakes of mine, basically. 🙂

Some texture bugs on the main guy, a reflective metal material being way too reflective and flashing in an annoying way when the camera moved past, nasty looking textures in general and a less-than-optimally placed poster on the back wall all added up to something that looked pretty good, but not as good as we wanted. That’s all fixed now though, so the next run should be something we can actually use, and now a second sequence is finalized and ready for render too.

So our guy gets home a bit late, decides to unwind a bit in front of the TV, and, after discovering there’s nothing interesting on, decides to have a go on his shiny, new next-generation gaming system…

…only to find himself in exactly the same spot by dawn. And that’s when things start to go weird…


Haven’t really touched the exterior scene stuff I talked about the other day, but here’s the screenshot I promised anyway 🙂


…hmm.. that might look a bit too dark actually. Might have to do something about it.

– Peter


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2 responses to “Just as I suspected…

  1. morning light is nice, but the evening is a bit dull.. maybe make it even darker, only the light from tv illuminating the guy and room..


  2. Myeah, Jussi said the same thing. 🙂 Guess that wasn’t the final render after all…


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