A quick update from me as well…

…since I can’t stand being left out. 🙂

Somehow managed to catch a cold in the middle of summer, and had to take a few days of unscheduled downtime last week. Since I got on my feet again I’ve been trying to get a render of our first completed sequence going, which took longer than expected due to some last minute additions to the lighting that I managed to forget completely — oops! There it sits on one of the first of many new computers we just got, rendering away, though.

Not expecting this first full-quality render to be perfect, and in fact I’m pretty certain we’ll have to do another take, but with a bit of luck the render process will be in full swing by the end of the week. The rest of our new machines can’t come soon enough.

Today I’ve been doing some modelling for the exterior shots at the beginning and end. Have to run to the train now, but I’ll post some screenshots tomorrow!


– Peter


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